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Attendee List

Page history last edited by Peter Bromberg 13 years, 5 months ago

Please register with us and then list yourself here for all to see.

If you've registered and cannot make it, please let us know, thanks! (there will be a cancelation link in your registration confirmation email)


Attendee Survey now up! This will give us a snapshot of who is in attendance. This is just for fun and purely optional (plus it gave me a chance to test out Zoomerang)... thanks, Janie



  1. John LeMasney (Organizer), LeMasney Consulting  (NJ)
  2. Janie Hermann (Organizer), Princeton Public Library (NJ)
  3. Peter Bromberg (Organizer), SJRLC (NJ)
  4. Amy Kearns (Organizer), CJRLC (NJ)
  5. Nancy Dowd, New Jersey State Library (NJ)
  6. Steven Bell, Temple University (PA)
  7. Derik Badman, Temple University (PA)
  8. Julie Strange, Maryland AskUsNow! (MD)
  9. Maurice Coleman, Harford County Public Library (MD)
  10. Steven Adams, Princeton University (NJ)
  11. Joanne P. Roukens, Highlands Regional Library Cooperative (NJ)
  12. Kristina DeVoe, Temple University (PA)
  13. Randy Marsola,  South Brunswick Public Library (NJ)
  14. David D'Onofrio, United States Naval Academy (MD)
  15. Courtney Bennett, Brooklyn Public Library (NY)
  16. Beatrice priestly, Long Branch Public Library (NJ)
  17. Mi-Sun Lyu, INFOLINK (NJ) 
  18. Robert Heym, New Jersey State Library (NJ) 
  19. Tom Nielsen, Metropolitan New York Library Council (NY)
  20. Kathy Schalk-Greene, Mount Laurel Library (NJ)
  21. David Lisa, New Jersey State Library (NJ)
  22. Janice Painter, Princeton Public Library (NJ)
  23. Andy Woodworth, Bordentown Library (BCLS) (NJ)
  24. Polly-Alida Farrington, PA Farrington  Associates, Albany, NY
  25. Alice Yucht, Alice in Infoland, (NJ)
  26. Brett Bonfield, Collingswood Public Library (NJ)
  27. Rina Banerjee, Mercer County Library (NJ)
  28. Linda Caffrey, Mercer County Library (NJ)
  29. Susan Conlon, Princeton Public Library (NJ)
  30. Nicole Engard, Liblime (PA)
  31. Sheila Grap, Baltimore City Public Schools (MD)
  32. May Lein Ho, Middlesex Public Library (NJ)
  33. Leslie Kahn, Newark Public Library (NJ)
  34. Cynthia Lambert, Princeton Public Library (NJ)
  35. Laura Nawrocik, Mercer County Library (NJ)
  36. Irene Percelli, Millville Public Library (NJ)
  37. Scherelene Schatz, New Jersey State Library (NJ)
  38. Margaret Szvetecz, Camden County Library System (NJ)
  39. Beth Tribe, Howard County Library (MD)
  40. Rachel Rappaport, Howard County Library (MD)
  41. Ann Wilberton, Middletown Township Public Library (NJ)
  42. Bob Keith, New Jersey State Library (NJ)
  43. Scott Sanicki, Princeton Public Library (NJ)
  44. Craig Anderson, Kean University Library (NJ)
  45. Jennifer Boyce, Atlantic City Free Public Library (NJ)
  46. John (JP) Porcoro, Bellville Public Library (NJ)
  47. Susana Baumann, LCS Worldwide, (NJ)
  48. Trevor A. Dawes, Princeton University Library (NJ)
  49. First Name Last Name, workplace (state)
  50. First Name Last Name, workplace (state)

Comments (7)

John LeMasney said

at 11:37 pm on Apr 12, 2009

Julie's coming -- cool!

JanieH said

at 6:53 pm on Apr 14, 2009

We currently have 18 people registered -- 9 have not added their names to the wiki yet.
Please, please add your name once you register.

John LeMasney said

at 1:36 pm on Apr 15, 2009

I love how this is shaping up -- make sure to visit other pages to start helping to create the perfect event for all of us. Edit at will, and have your voice heard.

John LeMasney said

at 2:58 pm on Apr 17, 2009

Nearing the halfway point of our attendee list. Thanks to everyone who has joined us so far -- make sure to spread the word in tweets, status updates, emails, and messaging 1.0, aka voice.

JanieH said

at 6:21 pm on May 21, 2009

Only ten spots remain! Sign up now before it is too late.

Susana Baumann said

at 11:03 am on Jun 9, 2009

I just signed up but cannot figure out how to add my name to the list. Help anyone?

Michael Gallagher said

at 4:36 pm on Jun 10, 2009

It is killing me that I can't make it. I hope everyone has a great time and I will try to catch some of it on USTREAM! Good luck everyone!

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