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Social Stuff

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Share more info/details about yourself to continue networking:

ex.: name/email/IM handle(s)/website/twitter name/facebook/flickr, etc



  • Janie Hermann: janieh almost everywhere (twitter, linkedin, meebo, flickr, gmail, delicious, WJ. slideshare) but sometimes am janiehh (youtube and some others I can't recall). The main exception is yahoo where I am janielianne. I blog at http://librarygarden.blogspot.com



  • Derik Badman: madinkbeard on just about everything (twitter, friendfeed, flickr, etc).




  • Scherelene Schatz
    • Email:  slschatzie@aol.com or sschatz@njstatelib.org
    • Facebook:  Scherelene Schatz
    • LinkedIn:  Scherelene Schatz
    • Slideshare: Scherelene Schatz


          Maurice Coleman (Blog):

               Twitter/FF/Gmail(email) /IM/YouTube/filckr:  baldgeekinmd    for email just add (at) gmail dot com

               Slideshare/Delicious:  baldgeek

               LinkedIn/Facebook Maurice Coleman

               T is for Training Podcast Page

               T is for Training Google Group



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